BleuIO Firmware Update 2.7.0 Featuring Dynamic Connection Parameter Adjustment

April 12, 2024
BleuIO Firmware Update 2.7.0 Featuring Dynamic Connection Parameter Adjustment

BleuIO, the versatile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) USB dongle renowned for simplifying BLE application development, has released a new firmware upgrade to version 2.7.0. This latest update brings forth new features and commands, further enables developers to create innovative BLE applications with ease.

Added Features:

  • Dynamic Connection Parameter Adjustment: One of the standout additions in firmware 2.7.0 is the ability to change connection parameters on the fly, even while maintaining a connection. This feature not only facilitates fine-tuning of BLE connections but also provides flexibility in adapting to varying network conditions. Additionally, developers can modify default connection parameters for improved efficiency when utilizing the AT+GAPCONNECT command with just the MAC address as an argument.

New Commands:

  • AT+CONNPARAM: This command emerges as a powerful tool for setting or displaying preferred connection parameters. When executed while connected, it enables seamless updating of connection parameters on the current target connection, streamlining the optimization process for BLE applications.

With these enhancements, BleuIO offers rapid BLE development solution. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or pro in BLE applications development, firmware 2.7.0 unlocks new possibilities and simplifies the path to crafting cutting-edge solutions.

How to Upgrade:

To take advantage of these enhancements, make sure to update your BleuIO dongle to firmware version 2.7.0. You can find the firmware update and detailed instructions on the official BleuIO website. Click here to know more about firmware updates.

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