BlueIO Firmware Update v2.3.1: Enhanced Features and Critical Bug Fixes

September 14, 2023
BlueIO Firmware Update v2.3.1: Enhanced Features and Critical Bug Fixes

BlueIO, a prominent player in the Bluetooth industry, has recently unveiled its firmware version v2.3.1. This update comes packed with exciting additions and crucial bug fixes, promising a more seamless and efficient Bluetooth experience.

Enhanced Features:

AT+SCANFILTER Upgrade: One of the standout features of the v2.3.1 firmware update is the enhancement made to the AT+SCANFILTER functionality. Previously, this feature only filtered based on UUID, but now, it has been extended to include “Service Data – 128-bit UUID” and “Service Data – 16-bit UUID” packets. This means that when filtering devices, you can now fine-tune your criteria even further, ensuring that only the most relevant devices are detected. This added flexibility is a significant boon for developers and users alike, enabling a more tailored Bluetooth experience.

Critical Bug Fixes:

SPS Message Recognition: Before the v2.3.1 update, some users may have encountered a frustrating issue where the dongle failed to recognize SPS (Serial Port Service) messages correctly. This problem stemmed from the system incorrectly handling messages due to a different handle, resulting in an improper display format that did not align with previous firmware versions. However, with the diligent efforts of the BlueIO team, this bug has been decisively squashed. Now, SPS messages are correctly recognized and displayed in a consistent manner, eliminating the confusion and inconvenience experienced by users.

AT+GETCONN Bonded Device Display: Another critical bug addressed in this firmware update relates to the AT+GETCONN command. Previously, when users attempted to reconnect with previously bonded or paired devices, these devices would not show up as bonded or paired during the reconnection process. This inconsistency could lead to unnecessary complications and frustration for users. Thankfully, BlueIO has rectified this issue in v2.3.1. Now, when you reconnect with your trusted devices, they will correctly appear as bonded or paired, streamlining the reconnection process and ensuring a smoother user experience.

Be sure to update your BlueIO firmware to v2.3.1 to take full advantage of these improvements and enjoy a more hassle-free Bluetooth experience.
Details of the update can be found at

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