BleuIO Releases Python Library v1.3.1 to support BleuIO firmware v2.4.0

October 2, 2023
BleuIO Releases Python Library v1.3.1 to support BleuIO firmware v2.4.0

BleuIO, has recently unveiled its latest offering: Python Library v1.3.1. This release brings a range of improvements and features, including support for the SUOTA (Software Updates Over The Air) commands introduced in BleuIO firmware version 2.4.0. Additionally, it addresses a bug that affected MacOS users, making the library more robust and user-friendly.

Support for SUOTA Commands:

One of the standout features of BleuIO’s Python Library v1.3.1 is its support for SUOTA commands. SUOTA, which stands for Software Updates Over The Air, is a critical feature for any BLE device. It allows users to update firmware wirelessly, eliminating the need for physical connections or manual updates. With this library update, developers working with BleuIO now have a powerful tool at their disposal to streamline firmware updates for their BLE devices. Whether it’s fixing bugs or adding new features, the ability to update firmware over the air provides flexibility and convenience, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Bug Fix for MacOS Users:

The new Python library also includes a significant bug fix for MacOS users. Previously, there was an issue where serial responses were sometimes returned in two parts instead of one when using the library on MacOS. This inconsistency could lead to compatibility problems and hinder the development process. BleuIO has promptly addressed this issue, ensuring that the library can now handle serial responses that come in multiple parts. This improvement guarantees a smoother experience for MacOS users and eliminates a common frustration during development.

The Python Library v1.3.1 by BleuIO is readily available for developers on the Python Package Index (PyPI). You can access and download the library from the following link: BleuIO Python Library on PyPI. This convenient accessibility ensures that developers can easily integrate the library into their projects and start benefiting from the new features and bug fixes immediately.

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