BleuIO Python Library Update (v1.4.0): Supports BleuIO Firmware v2.7.1

April 25, 2024
BleuIO Python Library Update (v1.4.0): Supports BleuIO Firmware v2.7.1

BleuIO Python library received a significant update to version 1.4.0, allows compatibility with BleuIO firmware v2.7.1. This update introduces several new commands, expanding the capabilities of BleuIO and helps developers to innovate further.

Enhanced Functionality: The latest BleuIO Python library update includes latest commands, aligning with the advancements in firmware v2.7.1. Let’s have a look into the key additions:

  1. at_autoexec(): This command corresponds to AT+AUTOEXEC in the BleuIO firmware. It enables developers to configure automatic execution of specific actions upon device boot-up. Whether it’s initializing connections or setting parameters, at_autoexec() enables the initialization process, enhancing the efficiency of BLE applications.
  2. at_clrautoexec(): This command corresponds to AT+CLRAUTOEXEC. It helps developers to clear the configured automatic execution settings on the BleuIO device. This function provides flexibility in modifying device behavior dynamically, ensuring seamless adaptability to changing project requirements.
  3. at_connparam(): BLE connection parameters play a pivotal role in defining the characteristics of data transmission between devices. The addition of at_connparam() facilitates precise control over connection parameters, helps developers to optimize communication efficiency based on specific use cases.
  4. at_getbond(): Security is paramount in BLE applications, especially concerning device bonding. The introduction of at_getbond() allows developers to retrieve bonding information from the BleuIO device, enabling seamless integration of security features and enhancing overall data integrity.

How to update: Updating to BleuIO Python library 1.4.0 is a straightforward process. Developers can leverage the command python -m pip install --upgrade bleuio to ensure they have access to the latest functionalities and optimizations.

Documentation and Further Details: Comprehensive details, usage examples, and guidelines to use the new functionalities introduced in version 1.4.0 of the BleuIO Python library is available at the official PyPI page

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