BleuIO Python library v1.2.0 includes verbose mode with easier event handling features

March 10, 2023
BleuIO Python library v1.2.0 includes verbose mode with easier event handling features

BleuIO Python library is updated and supports firmware version 2.2.1 .This update utilizes the new Verbose mode of the dongle and make it a lot simpler to work with Bluetooth Low Energy with Python.
Now the AT commands returns an object with 4 members

  • Command
  • Acknowledge
  • Response
  • End

Each contains a JSON object, except Response. The Response contains a list of JSON objects since a command can have several responses.

This new update of the library makes it easier to get the relevant information without building your own parser.
Status variables : Helpful status variables has been added which helps to keep track of the dongle status ; whether it is scanning, advertising or connected along with the dongle role.
Callback function : A callback function should be registered for both scan results and events. The callback functions will run every time a new event or scan result is detected.

Using the library

List of AT commands are available at

and how to access these AT commands using python library can be found at

Before starting to install our library, make sure you have the latest python installed on your system.

If you have never installed a library from PyPI, you must install the pip tool enabling you to download and install a PyPI package. There are several methods that are described on this page.

Now Install the library by running

pip install bleuio

pip automatically downloads and installs the most recent library on your system in the correct directory. To check that the installation went well, you can launch a Python interpreter and run the following lines:

from bleuio_lib.bleuio_funcs import BleuIO
my_dongle = BleuIO()

Good luck on creating amazing Bluetooth Low Energy application using BleuIO and Python.

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