BleuIO JavaScript Library Update (v1.1.2): Supports BleuIO Firmware v2.7.1

May 3, 2024
BleuIO JavaScript Library Update (v1.1.2): Supports BleuIO Firmware v2.7.1

BleuIO JavaScript library received a significant update to version 1.1.2, allows compatibility with BleuIO firmware v2.7.1. This update introduces several new commands, expanding the capabilities of BleuIO and helps developers to innovate further.

Here’s a breakdown of the key additions in version 1.1.2:

  1. at_customservice(): This function allows developers to set or query Custom Services, with the ability to add up to 5 Characteristics. Custom Services play a vital role in tailoring BLE applications to specific use cases, and this addition enhances flexibility in service customization.
  2. at_customservicestart() and at_customservicestop(): These functions enable the starting and stopping of Custom Services based on the settings configured using at_customservice(). This dynamic control over service activation facilitates seamless integration and management of BLE functionalities.
  3. at_customservicereset(): In scenarios where resetting Custom Service settings becomes necessary, this function comes to the rescue. It halts the Custom Service and resets configurations set by at_customservice(), ensuring a clean slate for subsequent operations.
  4. at_suotastart() and at_suotastop(): The addition of these functions facilitates over-the-air firmware updates (SUOTA) by enabling or disabling the SUOTA Service and associated advertising. This capability simplifies the process of updating BLE devices remotely, enhancing maintenance and scalability.
  5. at_autoexec() and at_clrautoexec(): These functions provide control over automatic execution of commands upon BleuIO startup. Developers can set or clear up to 10 commands, optimizing device initialization and enhancing user experience.
  6. at_connparam(): This function simplifies the management of connection parameters, allowing developers to set or display preferred values. Real-time updates during connection enable fine-tuning of parameters for optimal performance.

How to use: Updating to BleuIO JavaScript library 1.1.2 is a straightforward process. Use the following commands to use the lates BleuIO JavaScript library npm i bleuio

Documentation and Further Details: Comprehensive details, usage examples, and guidelines to use the new functionalities introduced in version 1.1.2 of the BleuIO JavaScript library is available at the official NPM page

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