BleuIO Firmware Update v2.6.0: Introduces Auto Execution Command

February 9, 2024
BleuIO Firmware Update v2.6.0: Introduces Auto Execution Command

BleuIO, a pioneer in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, is thrilled to introduce its latest firmware update, version 2.6.0. This release contains auto execution functionality, which enables users to automate tasks and execute commands effortlessly upon device startup.

Added Features:

Users can now configure up to 10 commands that will execute automatically upon the BleuIO device starting up. This commands are stored in the device’s flash memory, ensures that the commands persist even through power cycles, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

What truly sets this feature apart is its ability to function independently of a host computer. Unlike previous iterations where a host computer was necessary to trigger commands, BleuIO v2.6.0 allows AT COMMANDS execution directly from the device itself. Imagine the possibilities – from initiating beacon advertising to executing custom routines – all with the simple power cycle of the device, no additional hardware required.

The startup execution mechanism further enhances the user experience. Upon startup, BleuIO checks for configured commands in the auto execute (AUTOEXEC) list and proceeds to execute them in the specified order. This streamlined process not only accelerates development but also ensures consistent performance, enabling rapid deployment of BLE applications with minimal effort.

New AT Commands:

The AT+AUTOEXEC command enables users to both set and display commands in the AUTOEXEC list. Setting auto execution commands is as simple as using the syntax AT+AUTOEXEC=<cmd>, providing developers with a straightforward means of configuring device behavior.

Additionally, the AT+CLRAUTOEXEC command facilitates the removal of all commands set in the AUTOEXEC list, allowing for easy modification and refinement of device functionality. This level of flexibility helps developers to iterate quickly, experiment freely, and ultimately create BLE applications.

How to Upgrade:

To take advantage of these enhancements, make sure to update your BleuIO dongle to firmware version 2.6.0. You can find the firmware update and detailed instructions on the official BleuIO website. Click here to know more about firmware updates.

By introducing persistent auto execution commands and enhancing command management capabilities, BleuIO continues to lead the way in innovation, providing developers with the tools they need to create exceptional BLE solutions.

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