BleuIO Firmware Update v2.5.0: Enhanced Bonding Persistence

January 19, 2024
BleuIO Firmware Update v2.5.0: Enhanced Bonding Persistence

We are thrilled to announce the latest firmware update for BleuIO, version 2.5.0. In this release, we’ve introduced exciting features and commands that significantly enhance the user experience.

Added Features:

Bonding Information Persistence:

The standout feature of this update is the persistence of bonding information across power cycles. Now, when you establish a bond with another device using either the AT+GAPPAIR=BOND command from the dongle or the corresponding command from the paired device, the bond will remain active even after unplugging the BleuIO dongle. This ensures a seamless reconnection experience, saving you time and effort.

To check the bonding status, simply run AT+GETCONN when connected. This command will indicate whether you are bonded or not. To remove bonding information, the AT+GAPUNPAIR command can be used. This command provides the flexibility to either remove all bonded device information or selectively remove the bonding information of a specific device using the AT+GAPUNPAIR=[addrType]MacAddress format.

New AT Command: AT+GETBOND

We have introduced a new AT command – AT+GETBOND. This command allows you to display the MAC addresses of all bonded devices, providing valuable insights into the devices currently paired with your BleuIO dongle. What’s more, you can run this command at any time, even when not connected, giving you the flexibility to manage your bonded devices effortlessly.

Bug Fixes:

Command AT+GETCONN Enhancement:

In this release, we’ve addressed a minor issue related to the AT+GETCONN command. We removed a verbose line that was displayed when the BleuIO dongle was not in verbose mode. This ensures a cleaner and more streamlined experience when using this command.

How to Upgrade:

To take advantage of these enhancements, make sure to update your BleuIO dongle to firmware version 2.5.0. You can find the firmware update and detailed instructions on the official BleuIO website. Click here to know more about firmware updates.

We are committed to continuously improving BleuIO and providing you with the latest features and capabilities.

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