BleuIO Firmware update v2.2.2: Enhanced MTU Control and Advanced Scan Filtering

May 24, 2023
BleuIO Firmware update v2.2.2: Enhanced MTU Control and Advanced Scan Filtering

The BleuIO team is excited to announce the release of their latest firmware version, v2.2.2, packed with new features and improvements for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) developers. This firmware update aims to provide an enhanced development experience and empower developers with more control over their BLE applications.

What’s new in this firmware :

One of the notable additions in this release is the inclusion of a new command that allows developers to set or query the maximum MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size used in MTU negotiation upon connecting to a device. This feature provides flexibility in adjusting the MTU size, enabling better optimization and efficiency in data transmission between devices.

Additionally, the BleuIO firmware v2.2.2 introduces a powerful filtering mechanism for scan results. A new command has been added to apply filters on the outcomes from AT+FINDSCANDATA and AT+GAPSCAN commands. This feature allows filtering based on three different parameters: Local Name, Service UUID, and Manufacturer Specific ID.

It enables the flexibility to activate one filter, two filters in combination, or all three filters simultaneously. Results will only be displayed if the selected filter value is present in the advertising or scan response data. For example, a filter can be set to exclusively show data packets from devices with the Local Name “BleuIO” (either Complete or Shortened) by executing the command AT+SCANFILTER=NAME=BleuIO.

By leveraging these filtering capabilities, developers can easily focus on specific devices or data packets that meet their criteria, streamlining the development and testing process.

To explore the full range of features and improvements introduced in BleuIO firmware v2.2.2, developers are encouraged to visit the official BleuIO documentation at The comprehensive documentation provides detailed information on firmware updates and guides on how to leverage these new features effectively.

The BleuIO team is committed to continuously enhancing the BLE development experience and providing tools needed to build robust and innovative applications. With each firmware release, BleuIO demonstrates its dedication to empowering developers and enabling seamless Bluetooth Low Energy development.

Stay tuned for future updates from the BleuIO team, as they continue to introduce new features and improvements to meet the evolving needs of the BLE developer community.

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