BlueIO Firmware Update v2.3.0: Empowering Custom Service Management

June 30, 2023
BlueIO Firmware Update v2.3.0: Empowering Custom Service Management

BlueIO, a leading provider of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions, has recently announced the release of its latest firmware version, v2.3.0. This firmware update brings a host of new features and improvements, enabling developers to create better and more customizable applications. With a focus on flexibility and enhanced functionality, BlueIO’s new firmware empowers developers to tailor their applications to meet specific requirements while offering seamless integration with other devices.

One of the key highlights of the BlueIO v2.3.0 firmware is the ability to create a custom service. This feature provides developers with unprecedented control over their applications, allowing them to define characteristics that handle data in a way that aligns with their unique needs. The custom service can be identified by other devices using a custom UUID, ensuring seamless communication and interoperability.

Custom Service Features:

BlueIO’s custom service offers several powerful features that enable developers to build highly specialized applications:

  1. Custom UUID for the Service: Developers can set a custom UUID for the custom service, ensuring its unique identification and compatibility with other devices.
  2. Multiple Characteristics: Up to five characteristics can be added to the custom service, offering increased versatility and flexibility.
  3. Custom UUID for Each Characteristic: Developers can assign custom UUIDs to individual characteristics within the service, enabling precise identification and interaction.
  4. Read/Write Properties: Each characteristic can be configured with read/write properties, allowing bidirectional data transfer between devices.
  5. Write Without Response: Developers can choose to configure specific characteristics with the write without response property, optimizing data transfer efficiency.
  6. Notify or Indicate: Characteristics can be configured to notify or indicate changes, enabling real-time updates to connected devices.
  7. Descriptor Support: Developers can add descriptors to each characteristic, providing additional information and fine-grained control.
  8. Value Manipulation: The firmware update allows developers to change and update the values of characteristics and descriptors, supporting both ASCII and byte data formats.
  9. Peer Notifications: When updating the characteristic value, BlueIO can automatically notify all connected devices that have subscribed to any characteristic with either Notify or Indication properties.

New Commands:

The BlueIO v2.3.0 firmware introduces a set of new commands that facilitate easy setup and control of the custom service:

  1. AT+CUSTOMSERVICE: This command allows developers to configure and query the settings for the custom service.
  2. AT+CUSTOMSERVICESTART: Enables the start of the custom service, initiating its functionality.
  3. AT+CUSTOMSERVICESTOP: Stops the custom service while retaining the user-defined settings.
  4. AT+CUSTOMSERVICERESET: Disables the custom service and clears all user settings associated with it.

The release of BlueIO’s v2.3.0 firmware marks a significant milestone in meeting the demands of developers seeking advanced BLE solutions. The BlueIO team remains committed to enhancing their offerings and will continue to provide updates and new features to support developers in their application development journey.

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